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Lamrim outline


1. Preeminent qualities of the compilers

2. Preeminent qualities of the teachings

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Pabongka Rinpoche: Introductory Discourse on the Lamrim.

Pabongka Rinpoche: Introductory Discourse on the Lamrim.

Except from: Liberation in the palm of your hand: a concise discourse on the path to enlightenment. By Pabongka Rinpoche; edited in the Tibetan by Trijang Rinpoche; translated into English by Michael Richards. Wisdom Publications

Day 1 – Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche, a peerless king of the Dharma, spoke a little in order to set our motivations properly for the teaching to follow. He said:

So be it. The great Tsongkapa, the Dharma king of the three realms, has said: Continua »


Destiny Fulfilled: Je Tsongkhapa’s Education As a Song of Realisation

Lama Tsongkhapa

Lama Tsongkhapa

Destiny Fulfilled: Je Tsongkhapa’s Education As a Song of Realisation

Om! May we have happiness and excellences!

1. The eyes for the world to see higher realms of life and the freedom of enlightenment,

Resting place for those tired from wandering on the paths of cyclic existence,

The root of happiness and excellence, my kind Gurus

And the Noble Lord Wisdom Treasure (Manjushri)—I bow to your feet!

2. To gather a great store [of merit and wisdom] with little effort,

Rejoicing in virtue is praised as best.

Particularly, regarding the past virtues collected by oneself,

If you develop, without pride, great joy in your virtues of the past

It is said these past virtues will increase even more. Continua »


Panchen Losang Ciögyan: The Simple Path

The Simple Path Leading to the Omniscient State

Graphic Teachings on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment
by Panchen Losang Ciögyan (pan chen blo bzang chos rgyan 1567-1662)

I constantly bow down at the feet of the venerable and holy Lama who is inseparable from Buddha Vajradhara! Continua »


Thogme Zangpo: 37 Practices of Bodhisattva

Thogme Zangpo

Thogme Zangpo


(Rgyal-sras lag-len so-bdun-ma)
By Thogme Zangpo

I pay heartfelt homage to you, Lokesvara;
You have true compassion extending to all.

To those who in every coming and going
Have seen that each thing is inherently void,
And thus can devote both their time and their efforts
With one aim in mind – “Let me benefit all!”
To such foremost Gurus and you, Lokesvara,
All- seeing protector, with utmost respect
I bow down before you in constant obeisance,
And turn to your service my thoughts, words and deeds.

The Fully Enlightened Victorious Buddhas, Continua »


Atisha: A Lamp for the Path of Enlightenment

Atisha Dipankara Shrijnana

Atisha Dipankara Shrijnana

A Lamp for the Path of Enlightenment

by Atisha Dipankara Shrijnana

1 I bow in great reverence to all past, present and
Future Victors, to their Doctrine and Communities.
I shall light a Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment,
At the request of my good disciple Byang-chub-‘od.

2 In that they are Inferior or Mediocre or Superior,
Persons should be understood as three:
The characteristics of each are very clear,
and I shall note how they differ from one another.

3 One who by every means he finds,
Seeks by the pleasure of samsara,
And cares but for himself alone, that one
Is known as the Inferior Person. Continua »


III Dalai Lama: The Essence of Refined Gold

The Essence of Refined Gold by the Third Dalai Lama Sonam Gyatso

The text is a commentary on Lama Tzong Khapa’s lamrim text, “Songs or Lines of Experience.”

The Nature of the Instruction Continua »


Gendun Tenzin Gyatso: The Sun Radiating Light of Goodness and Munificence

The Sun Radiating Light of Goodness and Munificence: Laying Out the Points of Guided Meditations Of the Path of Bliss, A Treatise on the Path to Enlightenment” by the Fourth Amdo Zhamar Gendun Tenzin Gyatso. Translated by Tenzin Tsepag. Continua »