Offerta del Mandala



Offerta del Mandala
sa sci po chi ciug scin me tog dram

(Spargendo il terreno con i fiori, spalmando di incensi)

ri rab lin sci gni de ghien pa di

(questi quattro continenti con il Monte Meru decorato di sole e luna)
san ghie scing du mig te pul pa ii

(offro mirando lo stato di Illuminazione.)
dro cun nam dag scin la cio par sciog

(Possano tutti gli esseri senzienti giungere alla terra pura)


Om vajra bhumi ah hung
wang chen ser gyi sa zhiOm vajra rekhe ah hung
chi chag ri kor yug gyi kor wa u su
ri gyal po ri rab (1)
shar lu pag po (2)
lho dzam bu ling(3)
nub ba lang chi (4)
jang dra mi nyan (5)
lu (6) dang lu pag (7) nga yab (8) dang nga yab zhan (9)
yo dan (10) dang lam chog dro (11)
dra mi nyan (12)
dang dra mi nyan gyi da (13)
rinpoche ri wo (14)
pag sam gyi shing (15)
do jo ba (16)
ma mo pa yi lo tog (17)
Kor lo rin po che (18)
norbu rin po che (19)
tzun mo rin po che (20)
lon po rin po che (21)
lang po rin po che (22)
ta chog rin po che (23)
mag po rin po che (24)
ter chen po yi bum pa (25)
Geg ma (26) treng wa ma (27)
lu ma (28) gar ma (29) me tog ma (30) dug po ma (31)
nang sal ma (32) dri chab ma (33)
Nyi ma (34) da wa (35) rin po che dug (36)
chog la nam par gya wa gyal tsan (37)
u su lha dang mi pal jor pun sum tsog pa (38)

Ma tsang wa me pa tzang zhing yid du wong wa di dag drin chen tza wa dang gyu par cha pd pal dan lama dam pa nam dang kye per du yang lama sha kya thub pa
lha tsog kor dang cha pa nam la zhing gam ul war gyio

Tug je dro way don du zhe su sol zhe nay dag sog dro wa mar gyur nam kay ta dang nyam pay sem chen tam chay la tug tsay wa chen pi go nay jin gyi lab tu sol.

Om vajra bhumi ah hung, greatly powerful golden ground.
Om vajra rekhe ah hung, at the outermost limit a circular iron mountain chain surrounds Mount Meru, king of mountains (1).
In the east is the continent Lupagpo (2)
In the south the continent Dzambuling (3)
In the west the continent Balangcho (4)
In the north the continent Draminyan (5)
At the two sides of the eastern continent are two subcontinents Lu (6)
and Lupag (7) At the two sides of the southern continent are two subcontinents Ngayab (8) and Ngayabzhan (9)
At the two sides of the western continent are two subcontinents Yoden (10) and Lamchogdro (11) At the sides of the northern continent are two sub-continents Draminyan (12) and Draminyangyida (13).
Precious mountain (14), wish-granting tree (15), wishfulfilling cow (16) and uncultivated crops (17).
Precious wheel (18), precious jewel (19), precious queen (20),
Precious minister (21), precious elephant (22), precious horse (a3),
Precious general (24) and great treasure vase (25).
The goddess of grace (26), goddess of garlands (27), goddess of song (a8), goddess of dance (29), goddess of flowers (30), goddess of incense (31), goddess of light (32) and goddess of perfume (33).Sun (34), moon (35), precious umbrella (36) and banner of victory in every direction (37), And in the centre, all the prosperity and possessions of gods and humans (38).

This magnificent and glorious collection, encompassing all prosperity and goodness, I offer to you, my most kind root Guru, To all other holy lineage gurus, In particular to you, Buddha Shakyamuni, Together with the entire assembly of the merit field.

Please accept this offering for the welfare of all sentient beings,
And, having accepted it, with your great kindness, Please bestow your blessings and inspiration on me And all mother beings throughout space.


Sa zhi pu kyi jug shing me tog tram
ri rab ling shi nyi da gyan pa di
sang gya shing du mig te ul war gyi
dro kun nam dag zhing la cho par shog

Idam guru ratna mandalakam niryatayami

By virtue of offering to you, assembly of Buddhas
Visualized before me, this mandala built on a base, Resplendent with flowers, sprinkled with perfumed water, Adorned with Mount Meru and the four continents, As well as the sun and moon. May all sentient beings share in its good effects.

I send forth this jewelled mandala to you, precious Gurus.



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