Alexander Berzin: Explanation of the Kalachakra initiation – 2

kalachakraBuilding up the correct motivation

Why do we actually want to get involved with Kalachakra? There are many different reasons that might come to our minds and if we are going because it’s something which is very high and something which is so special then that really isn’t a very stable type of reason for going. Because in fact we could have the same type of motivation for going to a big rock concert or any type of festival, because it’s something so exciting so rare and so interesting. In fact there are many different things that we can think of in terms of why we might want to go.

As all the lamas always say: “Everybody wants to be happy and nobody wants to be unhappy or have problems”. And that’s very true. We can look at our lives and although we might want very much to be happy, we find very often that our lives don’t seem to have much meaning to them etc. and we just have the same type of routine, each day. Continue reading »