H.H. Dalai Lama Inaugurates Science Building in Ladakh
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His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to Ladakh, J&K State, India, on July 26-28, 2012.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to Ladakh, J&K State, India, on July 26-28, 2012.

His Holiness Inaugurates Science Building at Lamdon School and Visits Ladakhi Muslims at Idgah, Leh.

On July 27 His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited the Lamdon Model School where he was given a warm reception by its Principal, Mr. Eshey Tondup staff and students. He was first taken on a tour of two new buildings in the school premise: the dental clinic and the science block. The former is dedicated to the memory of the late Roy A. Kite, Jr. of France, whose son was there to introduce it to His Holiness. His Holiness remembered Mr. Roy’s dedication and expressed to the son.During his previous visit to the school in 2009, His Holiness had urged the administrators to provide facilities to students for scientific research and offered his assistance in this.  Thus, the school authorities were able to construct the science block.  His Holiness was deeply impressed and said that “the result is remarkable” regarding the science block.
Thereafter, His Holiness went to the stage to address thousands of students from different schools who had gathered for his public talk. The Gaden Tripa, His Eminence Rizong Sras Rinpoche, and the President of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Council, Mr. Rigzin Spalbar, and other members of the Council were among those who attended the talk.
In his talk, His Holiness touched on the theme of holistic education whereby the students are imparted modern education for brain development and traditional values for the development of the

heart. He emphasized the need of pursuing traditional dialectical debate so that the students could build the threefold understanding: beginning with hearing and learning  from the teachers, progressing to deeper conviction through analysing the topics covered in classroom and, culminating in the wisdom brought about through experience. His Holiness emphasized on learning good logic so that the students can strengthen their understanding of the different subjects and gain certitude in what they are studying which in turn would give them deeper insights.

Especially, for the Buddhists, His Holiness said that education is essential because proper way to practice the teaching of the Buddha is through investigation into the deeper level of reality. We must make maximum use of our human intelligence and to that end the scientific way of examining things, primarily external world of matter, is also helpful, he said. In contrast to the modern science, he said the Buddhist traditional education does not use external gadgets but use human mind and does analytical meditation and also meditative concentration to find reality.

His Holiness talked about his dialogues with western scientists for more than thirty years now. As a consequence, a number of top scientists in the west have started taking interest in studying the workings of our mind and emotions. His Holiness said the ancient Indian schools of thought, particularly the Nalanda tradition, have explained and described this in great detail. Outstanding Nalanda scholars like Master Nagarjuna have even examined the teaching of the Buddha, distinguishing the words of the Buddha into those teaching that could be accepted literally and those that must be interpreted, as they cannot stand to the test of reasoning otherwise. His Holiness said this distinction complements the Buddha’s own teaching where he says: Monks and scholars,Just as gold is scorched, cut and rubbed [to check its purity] Examine well and then accept my words But, not because you respect me.

His Holiness said he hoped that in the next nearly 80 years of this 21st century students from Lamdon Model School would be able to make significant contribution to the cause of happiness and peace for the people of Ladakh, as well as India and the wider world. This was His Holiness’ fourth visit to the Lamdon school.

Following the event at Lamdon School, His Holiness visited the Ladakhi Muslim community on the Idgah grounds, Leh. The children had lined up to welcome His Holiness. The mullah received His Holiness at the entrance.

His Holiness asked about the number of Muslim families living in Leh area and was informed that there were over a thousand families with  population of 12,000. In his remarks to the gathering, His Holiness shared his thoughts on secular ethics and emphasized that both the muslims and Buddhists should come together and discuss about it so that they have a common ground for furthering the cause of peace and harmony amongst them. He said the

followers of these two faiths, as well as others like Christianity, must not try to impose their own belief system on others but co-exist in order to help the masses to have peace of mind through the practice of love, compassion, tolerance, self-discipline and contentment. His Holiness added that these are values common to all major religious traditions of the world.

Regarding self-discipline, His Holiness asked the Buddhists to learn about refraining from consumption of alcohols from the Islamic practitioners.

Representatives of the Islamic community appreciated His Holiness’ presence amongst them during this Ramadan period saying it would strengthen the bond between the various faiths, particularly the Buddhist and Muslim communities in Ladakh. They were thankful for His Holiness’ effort to bring them all together.

The President of Muslim association recounted the historical precedents of the Tibetan government looking after the Muslims in Lhasa and Shigatse since the time of the Great Fifth Dalai Lama who allotted land to their brethren in the 17th century in Lhasa for establishing a Mosque for the Muslim community.

Before departing from the venue, His Holiness joked that on account of Ramadan, he was missing one thing from the Muslim brethren this time; a delectable meal, which he usually used to get from the Muslim community. Eventually, some food was brought for His Holiness from which he took some bites. Picking a piece of bread on his plate he teased the gathering saying that if he told them, “It’s very delicious!” they would be tempted to eat.

On 28 July His Holiness inaugurates the Zangdok Palri stupa of Guru Padmasambhav built on a hill-top near Leh.

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