Padmasambhava: How to die

Padmasambhava: Have trust and settle in the state of equanimity.

Padmasambhava: How to die

In Insights by Erik Pema Kunsang

Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo:
From the Six Wonderful Methods for Enlightenment Without Cultivation.

Here I [Padmasambhava] shall explain the profound meaning of liberation through hearing
for the ones who have arrived at the time of death.
Among the three kinds of bardos, the first is the time of the bardo of dying.

Fortunate one of noble family, listen one-point­edly. Pay heed. Do not wander.
Every experience in this world is Mara’s dream-like illusion.
Everything is impermanent, everyone is subject to death.
Noble one, turn away from further painful states.

The experiences of whiteness, redness and blackness are all the magical display of your mind.
These experiences are nothing other than yourself.
Do not be afraid. Do not fear them.
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