Haribhadra: 22 Illustrations of the Mind of Enlightenment






The mind of enlightenment is like the earth, gold, the moon, fire, treasure, a jewel mine, the ocean, a vajra, the king of mountains, medicine, a guru, a wish fulfilling jewel, the sun, a song, a king, a treasure house, a highway, a horse, a spring, a sweet sound, a river and a cloud”

From Ornament of Insight by Asanga

A mind that seeks to become enlightened

for the sake of others is a mind of enlightenment .

Like the mighty earth a foundation of all that is good,

like gold never changing,

like the waxing moon it grows in purity,

like a raging fire burning away all hindrance to the true perfection of wisdom, like a never-ending treasure satisfying all,

like a jewel mine the source of many a precious quality,

like the mighty ocean untroubled by misfortune,

like the vajra it will not crack, it will not split,

like the mountain never moved by distraction,

like powerful medicine curing the ills of delusion,

like a true guru never forsaking any living being,

like the wish fulfilling jewel fulfilling all desire,

like the sun ripening our minds,

like the sweetest song filling hearts with inspiration,

like a king supremely powerful in helping others,

like a treasure house holding great stores of virtue,

like a great highway travelled by all great beings,

like good horse moving effortlessly between the ditches of samsara and nirvana,

like an eternal spring holding all teachings heard and unheard,

like music to the ears of those who seek freedom,

like an ever flowing river ceaselessly working for others,

like a rain cloud whose rain of teaching falls everywhere,

this is the mind of enlightenment.

From Haribhadra’s commentary to the Ornament of Insight.

Translation and thanks to Gavin Kilty.