Sakya Pandita: Prostration

Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen

Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen

The Purpose and Benefits of doing Full Prostration by Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen

NAMO GURUBAE. The recitation of one mantra is transformed into 1,000 prostrations.


To Lord Manjushri I prostrate, NAMO SUSHRIYA.

To the incomparable glory I prostrate.


To the most excellent glory I prostrate.

By prostrating to the most superior Triple Gems, defilements and obscurations of sentient beings and myself are purified.By clasping the 2 palms, may method and wisdom be attained.

Resting the clasped hands on the top of the crown, may one enter the celestial land of Akanishta.

Resting the clasped hands on the forehead between the eyebrows, may the defilements and obscurations of the body are purified.

Resting the clasped hands at the throat, may the defilements and obscurations of the voice be purified.

Putting the clasped hands at the heart, may the defilements and obscurations of the mind be purified.

Each time for unfolding the two hands, for the sake of all sentient beings may the two bodies be obtained.

When the two knees touch the ground, may the damnation of samsara be free.

When the ten fingers of the two hands touch the ground, may the ten bhumis and five stages be reached.

When the forehead touches the ground, may the eleven radiant rays shine everywhere.

By straightening and the bending of the arms and legs, may the four activities be all at once accomplished.

By straightening and bending the veins and sinews, all the knots at the veins are loosened without exception.

By bending the spine and central artery, may all the wind enter the central vein without exception.

To touch the ground and later to rise up, may liberation from samsara be attained.

After prostrating many times, may one become the guide of all sentient beings without attaching to personal calmness.

By the meritorious power of offering full prostration by oneself and others, may the conditions in this life be freed from sickness and blessed with three auspiciousness.

During the time of dying, one is reborn in the state of bliss and quickly attains the state of a Fully Enlightened Buddha.

This is a preparation of Lord Sakya Pandita. After doing these full prostrations, if one reflects the reasons and purposes, immeasurables benefits and results will be received.