Śākyaśrībhadra: An Instruction on Pure View and Conduct



An Instruction on Pure View and Conduct by Śākyaśrībhadra

In the language of India: Viśuddhadarśanacarya upadeśa nāma
In the language of Tibet:
lta spyod rnam dag gi man ngag

Homage to the Lord Lion of the Śākyas!

As in a dream, the outer world is not,
As in an illusion, there’s no true reality,
Like space, without characteristics,
All phenomena, by nature, are clear light.
Beyond going, coming or remaining,
Expansive, skilled in benefitting beings,
The two accumulations indivisible – this is the best approach.
So meditate on emptiness with compassion as its essence.

This instruction on pure view and conduct spoken by the great paṇḍita of Kashmir, the Dharma Lord Śākyaśrībhadra is hereby complete.

This was translated in Trophu Zanglung, in the presence of the great scholar himself, by the lotsāwa Jampé Pal (byams pa’i dpal, 1173–1225). Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2015.