Arya Sura: Praise of the Buddha’s Deeds

Short Praise of the Buddha’s Deeds by the great Indian master Arya Shura, known to Tibetans as Lobpon Pawo, author of the famous Garland of Birth Stories (Jatakamala). When you were born, chief among human beings,

You took seven steps on this earth and said:

In this world I am supreme.”

To you, O wise one, I pay homage!

First, you descended from the heaven of Tushita,

And in the royal home entered your mother’s womb;

In the grove at Lumbini, O sage, you were born:

To the victorious ‘god among gods’, I pay homage!

You were tended by thirty-two nurses at the palace,

You spent your youth in sports at the house of the Shakyas;

At Kapilavastu you took Gopa as your wife:

To you who are unequalled in the three worlds, I pay homage!

At the four city gates, you were shown the four kinds of sorrow,

And cut your own hair in front of the Vishuddha Stupa;

On the banks of the Nairanjana you practised as an ascetic:

To you who are free from the faults of the two obscurations, I pay homage!

At Rajagriha you tamed a rogue elephant,

In Vaishali the monkeys offered you honey;

In Magadha, O sage, you realized buddhahood:

To you in whom omniscient wisdom blossomed, I pay homage!

At Varanasi you turned the wheel of Dharma,

And in the Jeta Grove you showed great miracles;

At Kushinagara your wisdom mind passed into parinirvana:

To you whose mind is like the sky, I pay homage!

Through the merit of this brief praise of

The deeds of the Enlightened One, Master of the Teaching,

May the actions of all living beings

Come to equal the acts of the Sugata himself.

O Sugata, may I and others have a form,

An entourage, a life-span, a pure realm

And sublime marks of perfection

Exactly like you.

Through the power of our praising you and this prayer,

In whatever lands we dwell, may

Illness, negativity, poverty, and conflict be quelled,

And Dharma and auspiciousness increase and spread.