Saraha: Mahamudra



Kye Ho! Do not fear distraction, trying to keep attention on the mind. If you realize the nature of your own mind, then even the wandering mind will be seen as the Mahamudra. In the state of Great Bliss all dualistic features become auto-liberated.
Like awakening from a dream, pleasure and pain then seem to have had no reality whatsoever.
So, abandon hope and fear. Let go of trying to accomplish something or exhibiting anything. Since all the phenomena of both Samsara and Nirvana are devoid of “self-nature,” any clinging to hopeful or doubtful thoughts is simply meaningless. What is the point of striving to accept or reject anything?
Even visible form and sound vibration are like a magical illusion, a hologram or a reflection in a mirror — they possess no substantiality.

That which realizes this, the magician, is the sky-like mind itself. This one true nature is without centre or circumference, nor is there anyone separate therefrom who can comprehend this. Just as all the great rivers, the Ganga, etc., equally flow into the one Great Ocean, so mind and mental content have only one taste in the Dharmadhatu.”

Story of SARAHA.
Wisdom of a Dakini.
One day Saraha asked his wife for some radish curry. She prepared the dish, but in the meantime Saraha entered a deep meditation from which he did not emerge for twelve years. He then immediately asked for his radish curry. His wife was astonished, “You have been in meditation for twelve years; now it is summer and there are no radishes.”
Saraha then decided to go to the mountains for more meditation.
“Physical isolation is not a real solitude,” replied his wife.
“The best kind of solitude is complete escape from the preconceptions and prejudices of an inflexible and narrow mind, and, moreover, from all labels and concepts. If you awaken from a twelve year samadhi and are still clinging to your twelve year old curry, what is the point of going to the mountains?”
Saraha listened to his wife and after some time attained the supreme realization of the Mahamudra.