Tilopa: Yogi’s Mind, Meaningless Illusion, Fettered by Craving, Samsara

Yogi’s Mind ~ Tilopa

At first a yogi feels his mind
Is tumbling like a waterfall;
In mid-course, like the Ganges
It flows on slow and gentle;
In the end, it is a great
Vast ocean, where the Lights
Of Son and Mother merge in one.


Tilopa: Meaningless Illusion

Kye ho! Listen with sympathy!
With insight into your sorry worldly predicament,
realising that nothing can last, that all is as dreamlike illusion,
meaningless illusion provoking frustration and boredom,
turn around and abandon your mundane pursuits.


Tilopa: Fettered by Craving

Child, it is not by appearances that you are fettered

but by craving.

— Tilopa to Naropa


Tilopa: Samsara

Samsara is to see fault in others.