Patrul Rinpoche: Bodhichitta

annap1Aspiration to Generate Bodhichitta, Utterly Pure and Supreme

by Patrul Rinpoche

Namo guru!

Your mind, many aeons ago, rid itself of all deceit,
Your speech, honest and true, is free of any form of artifice,
Your body’s acts are disciplined and unpretentious—
Great sage, genuine and wise, to you I prostrate!

Buddha’s heirs, who have seen the ultimate meaning,
Speakers of truth, whose words have prophetic power,
Those on the way to liberation through the three vehicles—
Before you all, in devotion, I bow down!

From now on, in all future rebirths, throughout my lives,
Buddhas and bodhisattvas, may I never part from you!
Buddhas and bodhisattvas, please accept me as your follower!
Buddhas and bodhisattvas, let me gain accomplishment just like you!

My body’s actions—may they be disciplined and unpretentious,
My speech—may it be honest, without falsity or deception,
My mind—may it be genuine, without artifice or deceit,
And may I rely upon spiritual guides and true Dharma friends!

The first entrance to the path of liberation,
The first route of escape from saṃsāra’s perils,
The first preliminary to all practices of Dharma:
Genuine renunciation—may it dawn within my mind!

With it, I have all that’s needed to attain enlightenment,
And without it, there’s no way to find awakening,
The indisputable seed from which buddhahood is gained,
May I generate bodhichitta, utterly pure and supreme!

Further and further, may supreme bodhichitta develop,
Throughout my lives, may bodhichitta never be forgotten,
Again and again, may I meditate on bodhichitta,
And always train in the way of the bodhisattva!

Whatever the enlightened actions of the great Sage,
Heroic Mañjuśrī, or Samantabhadra,
In all my lives, may my own actions be equal to theirs,
And spontaneously may I accomplish my own and others’ welfare!

Excellent path, which brings about buddhahood in but a single lifetime,
With skilful methods to benefit oneself and others at one and the same time,
And the view of a single reality in which saṃsāra and nirvāṇa are inseparable—
May I embark upon this unique path of the vajra vehicle!

Hosts of vajra holders, who cultivate the approach of this path,
Taking as partners those who bring about blissful emptiness,
As a way for co-emergent wisdom to be introduced—
May this unique path be enjoyed in the realm of the ḍākinīs!

The face of my original nature, mind itself, left unaltered,
My very own essence, beyond contrivance—may I see it laid bare!
Sustaining meditation untainted by any trace of alteration,
May I gain the ultimate fruition free from any fabrication!

In the meantime, may all my wishes be fulfilled!
For as long as I live, may I have no negative intentions,
And when I die, may I not suffer a painful death,
Having died, may there be no fear of delusory appearances!

May all who see me, hear me, think of me, or come in contact with me in any way,
Develop renunciation, bodhichitta, and co-emergent wisdom,
And similarly may rigpa too, just as it is, arise within their minds,
So that, swiftly, they may arrive at perfect buddhahood!

May I behold the sun-like Buddha with his signs and marks,
May I savour the nectar of the sun-like Dharma in my heart,
And may the sun-like Sangha accompany me to liberation—
From the light of these three sun-like Supreme Ones, may I never part!

To fulfil the wishes of the practitioner Nyima, this was written by Palge, the mere reflection of a genuine monk. May virtue abound![1]

Translated by Adam Pearcey 2010. Many thanks to Alak Zenkar Rinpoche. Revised 2012.

  1. Here Patrul Rinpoche plays on the word nyima, meaning sun, which is the name of the person who requested the prayer.