Tibet: il genocidio culturale dei tibetani provoca una doppia auto immolazione nella contea di Nagba
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Il giovane monaco Sangay Gyatso del Monastero di Kirti

Secondo il Tibet Times altri due gesti di auto immolazioni si sono verificati nella contea di Nagba: due adolescenti tibetani si sono dati fuoco per protesta contro l’oppressione cinese in Tibet. Non è chiaro se questi due adolescenti abbiano compiuto questo gesto estremo insieme o separatamente. Un minorenne è stato portato in un ospedale nella contea di Ngaba e l’altro in un ospedale nella contea di Barkham.

Al momento non ci sono informazioni sulla situazione di questi ragazzi e non si conosce la data del triste episodio.

Nelle ultime settimane c’è stato un incremento delle auto immolazioni e la contea di Nagba è divenuta teatro della maggior parte delle proteste contro il dominio cinese e le disperate condizioni del popolo tibetano.

Tibetan monk beaten up, arrested in Ngaba for protest

Dec.14: Phayul has earlier reported, based on a Tibet Times report, that two Tibetan teenagers who are believed to be close to 16-year-old, Gendun Gyatso and Choekyi Gyatso, have self-immolated in Ngaba county in protest of China’s oppression in Tibet. 
Reports have just emerged that Choekyi Gyatso and Drukho who set himself ablaze on December 8 are the same person. Choekyi Gyatso is Drukho’s monastic name. Drukho survived the self immolation and in currently recovering in a hospital in Ngaba. 

According to latest reports, it appears that a lone protest by a teenaged monk took place on December 10, which has been wrongly reported as self immolation by exile media. However, it can not be verified due to tight restriction on communication in Ngaba currently. 
According to exile based Kirti monastery’s Tibet news coordinators, Kanyag Tsering and Lobsang Yeshi, a seventeen year old monk named Sangay Gyatso carried out a solitary protest in Ngaba town, calling for freedom in Tibet, on December 10. Sangay was immediately arrested after being beaten up mercilessly by Chinese forces patrolling the streets as bystanders watched helplessly. Sangay Gyatso is son of Jekar Gyatso and Wangkho, who are nomads by profession. Sangay had joined Kirti monastery as a child, and studied in class ninth of preliminary school of Kirti monastery. 
It also appears that Sangay Gyatso has been mistakenly reported as Gendun Gyatso as the name of the father (Jekar Gyatso) and the date of protests (dec. 10) are also same. 
Ngaba County has seen the most number of self immolations since the first one by Tabey, a monk of Kirti monastery, in February 2009. The county has been a hotbed for protests since 2008. 
154 Tibetans have self immolated since 2009, the latest being Drukho who set himself ablaze on December 8.

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