Parliament’s Resolution on Critical Situation in Tibet
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tsomoFull Text of Parliament’s Resolution on Critical Situation in Tibet

Below is the English translation of the resolution passed by the 15th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile during its session on 14 March 2012. Speaker Penpa Tsering read out the statement during the joint press conference by the Kashag and Tibetan Parliament in Dharamsala on 23 March. Resolution No. 2012/15/3/4 Document No. 6

Consequent to the hailstorm of political activities that battered Tibet since China’s occupation of Tibet in 1949, around 1.2 million Tibetans lost their lives and around 6000 monasteries were robbed or destroyed. Moreover unscrupulous exploitation of Tibet’s natural resources, including large scale deforestation and forced demographic aggression have gravely affected the land and the fragile Tibetan ecology, endangering the livelihood and survival of the Tibetan people in Tibet.The aspirations of the Tibetan people expressed by generations of Tibetans in a peaceful way have always been suppressed with brutal repressive methods by the Chinese authorities. Particularly since 2008, China, with complete disregard to the basic rights of the Tibetan people and unwavering from their obstinate policies, responded with unprecedented brutality resulting in death and torture of hundreds of peaceful Tibetans in all the three provinces of Tibet that continues to this day, Tibetans of all age groups unable to bear the heavy handedness resorted to self immolations one after another.

Since 2009, 28 (two more Tibetans self immolated out of which one died after the resolution was adopted) Tibetans self immolated in Ngaba, Tawu, Kardze, Chamdo, Tridu, Themchen, Darlak, Machu and Rebkong that comprises the whole Eastern Tibet. 20 monks, nuns and lay people (22 as of today) lost their lives and the condition of many others are unknown.

Similarly, during the recent Chinese New Year, the Chinese police and security forces indiscriminately fired on the peaceful Tibetan protestors killing four in Draggo district, two in Serta district, one in Zamthang district and one in Golog Pema district. On 8th February this year, besides the districts mentioned above, Tibetans in Zatoe, Nangchen, Barkham, Pema, Chabcha, Diru and other places carried out massive peaceful demonstrations in various forms to observe Lhakar for freedom.

Recently thousands of Tibetan prilgrims returning back to Tibet following pilgrimage and Kalachakra teachings to India and Nepal were subjected to repeated search of their personal belongings and all religious items were confiscated. Moreover, they were subjected to political education at secret locations around Lhasa, while Tibetans from Kham and Amdo were forcibly deported to their respective regions.

In view of the extremely grave situation in Tibet, the Tibetan parliament-in-Exile has at various occasions appealed to the government of People’s Republic of China. An Open letter to President Hu Jintao was submitted. A delegation of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile met with a number of embassies in Delhi, in an effort to reach out to the international community. Similarly, the Cabinet and the Parliament have jointly organized special prayers for the victims presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and high lamas of all traditions and many other official solidarity actions. Many international organisations, Tibet supporters and Tibetans have also organized numerous activities with various means. While we continue to express our solidarity to all the Tibetans inside who continue to sacrifice their precious lives for the freedom of our people, protection of our identity and way of life, we appeal to the Chinese government to respond positively to the aspirations of the Tibetan people. Moreover, for a lasting resolution of the Tibetan issue and in view of the increasingly grave and urgent situation in Tibet, it was felt necessary and important to adopt the resolution to seek the intervention of the international community in support of the just cause of Tibet.

1. The Tibetan parliament in Exile would like to express our wholehearted solidarity, deep respect and appreciation to all the Tibetans who lost their lives and to all those who continue to suffer in Tibet for their self less sacrifice and indomitable courage. We strongly condemn the Chinese government for resorting to harsh and inhuman repressive measures driving the Tibetans to self immolation, instead of responding positively to calls of the Tibetans for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and freedom for the Tibetans.

2. The Chinese government should, with immediate effect, end the repressive policies and ensure the basic rights and genuine autonomy for the Tibetans by implementing the provisions enshrined in the National Regional Autonomy Law.

3. For the purpose of ensuring the implementation of the National Regional Autonomy Law, Sino-Tibet negotiation must be resumed immediately.

4. Neutral, independent international fact finding delegations must be allowed to visit Tibet to ascertain the factual ground realities. Failing which, representatives of the Central Tibetan Administration must be allowed. Likewise, independent international press, representatives of organizations and individual tourists must be freely allowed to visit Tibet.

5. The Chinese authorities should immediately stop the massive infrastructure development in Tibet and sedentarisation of Tibetan nomads that created the condition to transfer large numbers of Han Chinese in Tibet aimed at annihilation of the rich Tibetan cultural heritage and way of life. The Chinese government should end its wrong policies which adversely impact the sentiments of the Tibetan people and work towards fulfilling the long and short term interest of the Tibetan people and their rights.

6. The Chinese authorities should immediately release all political prisoners including Panchen Lama Gedun Choekyi Nyima, to promote trust between the government and people just as Burma did.

7. We strongly appeal to the world leaders to raise the reality of the situation inside Tibet with the Chinese leaders and take effective responsibility in fulfilling the aspiration of the Tibetan people and to save Tibetan lives.

8. The Tibetan Parliament in Exile wishes to thank governments, parliaments, Tibet support groups, international organizations, Chinese democracy promoters and individuals that support truth and justice, for expressing their concern and solidarity through various non-violent means. We seek your continued support and solidarity in not only resolving the current crisis in Tibet but also in finding a lasting solution for the issue of Tibet. Moreover, we wish to reiterate our appeal to the United Nations to send fact finding delegations to ascertain the critical situation inside Tibet.

(This resolution was unanimously adopted after an extensive deliberation on the 14th of March 2012 during the 3rd session of the 15th House.)

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