Why Tibet is burning
Luglio 25th, 2013 by admin

tib-burn-flagWhy Tibet is burning

The Central Tibetan Administration had issued a white paper on the underlying causes of the increasing number of self-immolations that are currently engulfing Tibet.

The reason lies in China’s massive policy failure in Tibet over the course of more than 60 years of its rule. The revolution that is brewing in Tibet is driven by political repression, cultural assimilation, social discrimination, economic marginalisation and environmental destruction,” noted the white paper titled “Why Tibet is burning” released this January. (Read full text)

The International community, including the UN and EU Parliament, have strongly urged the Chinese government to address the Tibetan people’s genuine grievances and end its policies which are pushing Tibetans to take drastic actions. But the Chinese government has responded to the crisis with more repressive measures such as deployment of massive security forces in the Tibetan areas and meting out death and harsh prison sentences to Tibetans on trumped-up charges. The Central Tibetan Administration has repeatedly appealed to Tibetans not to take drastic actions, including self-immolation.

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